Batman is dead – here’s what you need to know

Batman is dead. RIP the dark knight, 1939-2022.

That’s right – the Caped Crusader was killed, along with the rest of his fellow superheroes, including Wonder Woman and Superman in the Justice League. In April 26’s Justice League #75, aptly titled “Death of the Justice League”, the majority of the team are defeated and killed by a so-called “Dark Army” made up of some of the deadliest villains in the game. DC universe, and Batman is not spared.

Batman is dead on the cover of Justice League #75 (Image credit: DC)

Over 80 years on the streets of Gotham City and beyond in DC’s larger “Omniverse”, Batman has become one of the most influential and popular superhero characters of all time – and now his legacy Apparently ends at the hands of a group of cosmically powerful enemies. But this being comics, the details of Batman’s death in Justice League #75 aren’t exactly cut and dry, and you can bet DC won’t drop the idea of ​​Batman (or the Justice League in its together) anytime soon.

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