Baker Mayfield of the Panthers paid Johnny Hacker to get the number he wanted in Carolina.

Baker Mayfield of the Panthers paid Johnny Hacker to get the number he wanted in Carolina.

Baker Mayfield has worn the same number (six) since his first day of college football in 2013 and he wanted to keep the number so bad that he was willing to pay for it. After trading the Panthers last week.

Time His first press conference as a member of the PanthersMayfield was asked what number he was going to wear in Carolina since his favorite number was taken by punter Johnny Hacker.

“I think it’s time to break the news,” Mayfield said Tuesday. “I made a deal, negotiated my own with Johnny.”

Mayfield did not disclose how much he paid to get the number 6 from the hacker, but it is quite clear that the two have made some kind of deal and the deal has definitely ended with the hacker’s bank account coming out as the big winner.

Hacker was one of the first people to respond on Twitter after he started talking about the Mayfield deal.

The crazy thing about this deal is that Hekker made his own deal to get No.6. The former Rams Punter wore the number for his entire career, but when he signed with Carolina in March, it was not available because it was taken by Panthers backup quarterback PJ Walker.

Two boys at some point between March and May Some types of deals work out Which ended with the hacker getting 6 numbers. There have been some serious clashes, of course, because the Panthers did not officially announce the hacker’s number until May 16, which was basically almost a full two months after his signing. If the hacker had to pay Walker a huge amount for this number, it would probably be fair to assume that he returned that money in his contract with Mayfield.

If a pompous number was later, Mayfield would probably ask him to give it up, but he couldn’t do it with Hacker, who has been one of the NFL’s best punters in the last decade.

“When it came to a four-time All-Pro, I had to ask permission and be willing to accept that sacrifice,” Mayfield said. “I had fun getting to know him on the phone, and he seems to be a great guy and a great leader.”

At the time of the trade, the Panthers had only two numbers available for quarterback Wear was one and 13And obviously, Mayfield didn’t want to do anything with them.

“I’m grateful to Johnny for being logical and for letting go of his numbers,” Mayfield said.

Although it is not clear which number the hacker will wear, it is likely to be one or 13 unless he can make a deal for another number.

For Mayfield, he has been wearing six for almost a decade, which is why he wanted to stick with it. It’s also the number he wore during his four seasons at Cleveland.

“Six is ​​special to me, because it wasn’t my favorite number, [but because] That was the number I was given as a walk-on at Texas Tech, “Mayfield said.” When I moved, the people of Oklahoma thought it was my favorite number so they gave it to me again, so it stuck with me. To me, it’s a symbol of my story. … I really enjoy being able to represent it, it’s something special to me now. ”

Although we don’t know how much Mayfield paid, the rate at which you get the number you want in the NFL may be higher. This year alone, we saw Jets Rookie Sauce Gardner Give a teammate $ 50,000 so he can wear No.1. In the history of the NFL, there have been other crazy deals – such as when Dion Sanders bought a BMW from a teammate – and You can read about those crazy deals by clicking here.

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