Back 4 tips for bloody hives

In the Back 4 Blood Ridden Hives DLC, you’ll encounter new threats in new levels while reaping the best rewards in the game yet, but only if you can make it out alive. You can use our Ridden Hive cheats for this, as venturing into a hive only to end up dead won’t net you much in terms of tangible progress. Here are some crucial tips for finding, clearing, and surviving Ridden Hives in Back 4 Blood.

Bring Heng on all your missions

To start the Back 4 Blood DLC, you’ll need to find Ridden Hives that appear randomly around the game world, but their nature means you can walk past one without knowing it was nearby. To fix this, make sure someone in your party is playing as Heng, one of the two new cleaners that come with the DLC. His passive skill allows him to automatically detect mounted hives when they’re nearby, ensuring you’ll never miss one in your vicinity.