Baby Shadow joins KartRider Rush Plus

With Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hitting theaters and Origins and Frontiers set to launch later this year, the fan base is in a pretty good place. The Sonic revival is in full swing, and with it comes plenty of excitement, and even more fan art. For the past few weeks, the fanbase has focused primarily on Agent Stone, Eggman’s sidekick. But today they focused on another character: Shadow the Hedgehog. Somehow.

Sonic characters have been added to the free-to-play mobile racing game, KartRider Rush+. While that’s usually not enough to grab fans’ attention, it turns out that the new renders are quite adorable. Every character included has been scaled down to fit the style of the game – even the ever brooding Shadow the Hedgehog. “Baby Shadow” was quickly embraced by the Sonic community, with fan art of the edgy child filling Twitter in just days.


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Baby Shadow enthusiasts wasted no time expressing their love for the new render. Poor Sonic and Knuckles didn’t seem to win everyone over equally – but that’s not too surprising. Baby Shadow is much more of a novelty.

The inclusion of the Sonic cast in the mobile game was only announcement two days ago. For all the excitement over the appearance of the characters, few like their prize. Knuckles and Shadow are behind a paywall, and since a player went down on Reddit, both will cost the equivalent of around $35.

In any case, enjoying them from afar is totally free. Plus, we’re hardly short of content this year, with the movie and two games coming soon. This excitement has fans asking which characters should be spotlighted next, with many hoping Rouge will star in the next film. Whatever happens, it will certainly not be a boring year.

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