Audio Pro C10 MkII wireless speaker brings Scandi style and versatile streaming

Scandinavian sound specialist Audio Pro has been manufacturing award-winning loudspeakers since the late 1970s. Audio Pro is based in Sweden and has its roots in the country’s early hi-fi industry. Over the years, the company has designed, developed and manufactured loudspeakers and ships them to some 55 countries around the world. In the 1970s, Audio Pro launched a range of active loudspeakers using state-of-the-art technology and with superior sound quality. Today, it’s still an innovative audio company, and its active speakers now come with wireless, multiroom, and smart voice control capabilities.

In 2012, Audio Pro entered the commercial market with a line of products designed for retail and hospitality environments. He also started producing wireless speaker systems with durable designs with a long and useful life in mind. One of the latest of its durable wireless speakers is the C10 Mk II Wireless Multiroom Speaker.

The C10 MkII has two distinctive looks. It can be used with the magnetic, removable speaker grille in place or not, displaying a large woofer and dual tweeters that project a compelling soundstage. In addition to its cool, Scandi styling, the C10 MkII supports voice commands and can receive music from devices using Apple AirPlay 2 or Google Cast, allowing the C10 MkII to slot into the multi sound system. -speakers of a house.

Drawing inspiration from Audio Pro’s signature style, the C10 MkII has an understated Scandinavian feel and is available in a choice of textured Coal Black, Arctic White, Sage Green, Sand or Storm Gray finishes. The cool look is completed with a polished aluminum control panel beautifully inset into the top of the C10 MkII.

Drawing inspiration from Swedish Pro Audio heritage, the C10 MkII is sleek yet neutral enough to suit nearly any decor style. With the magnetic and fabric speaker grille removed, the C10 MkII takes on an ‘old school’ look with the three jet black round speakers adding personality to the device.

Meanwhile, that beautifully inlaid metal control plate features a large round knob for controlling volume levels. On the left side of the volume control are six buttons for choosing audio sources and controlling music. On the right side of the volume control, six preset buttons can be programmed to hold shortcuts for Spotify playlists or Internet radio stations, allowing the user to choose a preferred audio source with the push of a button.

In addition to physical controls, Audio Pro also has a smartphone app available for iOS and Android platforms. The app has additional controls for adjusting bass and treble levels and can be used to select a wide range of audio sources such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and countless internet radio stations via TuneIn and other sources .

Setting up the C10 MkII to connect to a wireless network couldn’t be easier. The smartphone app simplifies the process and in no time the speaker is connected and ready to use via Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast. Additionally, there is an option to stream via Bluetooth. Even analogue sources were supported via a pair of RCA Phono input connectors on the rear of the speaker. Exceptionally, there is also an output for connecting a subwoofer. I can’t remember ever seeing this before on a small portable wireless speaker.

Once it’s been set up and connected to the network, it’s easy to stream audio to the C10 MkII directly from smartphone apps such as TIDAL or Spotify. Alternatively, you can use the Audio Pro app as a portal to a wide range of audio sources. The app works well and is stable and intuitive to use.

The sound of the C10 MkII is big and bold, considering its relatively compact size. A bass reflex port on the back projects lower frequencies and adds some bass weight. And that’s without adding a subwoofer. The sound is as good as I’ve heard from any wireless speaker in this price and size range.

Add the cool Scandi look into the mix and this speaker is a bit of a classic. For those who care about how things look around the house, the Audio Pro C10 MkII will score high. That said, it’s not just a pretty face; I love the sound and think this would make a perfect wireless speaker for a kitchen or bedroom, especially since it has a built in dual alarm feature. Alarms can be set using the Audio Pro app so you can wake up to your favorite music source or radio station.

Verdict: The Audio Pro C10 MkII is a super cool wireless speaker that’s packed with options and looks great. I love how it can stream Apple AirPlay 2, Google Cast and Bluetooth. The addition of a built-in alarm function and the ability to connect an analogue source and a subwoofer make this an incredibly versatile device and not something you might expect from such a good-looking, compact wireless speaker. The Audio Pro app works well and adds tone controls as well as editable audio sources. If you love great sound and appreciate cool Scandi design, then the Audio Pro C10 MkII might just be the perfect speaker for you.

Price and availability: The Audio Pro C10 MkII is available now and sells for $450 / £360 / €450 in Arctic White, Storm Gray or Coal Black.

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