Asmongold Responds To Rumors He Might Stop Streaming

Renowned streamer and content creator Asmongold has no plans to stop streaming anytime soon. This follows rumors that he may leave Twitch at some point in the near future. Asmongold currently has over 2.9 million subscribers on the platform.

Asmongold recently responded to rumors of his departure from Twitch with a stream. These were born out of a few clues that Asmongold seems to have dropped on camera. The content creator has already been forced to put things on hiatus for an extended period of time and stressed that he could just stop it if streaming becomes an issue again.

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“I think the next break I take, I’ll quit. The next break will probably be to quit. If I have to take a break again, I’ll probably quit forever. That’s my plan,” said the stream on April 18. 2022. “If I ever take a break again unless it’s like some kind of crazy health thing or whatever, I’ll quit because obviously by then it would have been four or five times and it’s clearly unhealthy for me I’ve tried different ways to handle things and deal with them so if it continues to be this stressful it’s something I should give up and do something different from my life. Because then I would be ruining my life.”

Asmongold put those rumors to bed once and for all on April 23. The content creator noted that while he has no plans to stop streaming just yet, there is at least a possibility that a future hiatus may just be the final straw. Asmongold, however, promised that even if he gave up streaming, he would continue to create content in another capacity. “I don’t like writing blank checks,” Asmongold said. “I don’t like saying I’m going to stream forever. I don’t like saying I’m never going to stream again. Do I ever see myself not making content? Not really.”

Whether it’s posting videos on YouTube, taking on more responsibility with OTK or changing the time he spends on camera, Asmongold said he won’t give up on content creation. “I’ve always created something,” Asmongold noted. “The way I find meaning in life, in many ways, is to create something that is an expression of that meaning, an expression of myself.”

The news that Asmongold won’t be putting his career on hold was greeted with relief by his many followers. “Honestly, you are probably the most relevant and balanced content creator I have ever seen,” commented user known as PigHunter Gaming on YouTube. “I can tell you’re just you shamelessly.” The user went on to say, “I wish you nothing but happiness, man. Keep doing what makes you happy. We will certainly miss your content, but your life is yours and no one else’s. If someday you find out you want to quit, so long as it’s what you think is good for you.

Asmongold is best known for bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of MMO streaming on Twitch. The content creator frequently plays World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Lost Ark, and more.

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