Artist shows incredible Elden Ring Stormville Castle painting

Artist shows incredible Elden Ring Stormville Castle painting

An Elden Ring player shows off their artistic skills with an incredible painting of Stormville Castle, a notable location in the game.

Elden Ring From Software has broken several sales records since its launch in February, including this one for the biggest ever Steam launch. This business success continues Elden Ring Outpaces other FromSoftware titles sekiro and all Dark Souls Games, amaze the gaming community.

Along with commercial success, the action RPG has received tremendous praise from fans and critics alike, with its story, gameplay, and mechanics being notable points. The character builder is another commendable feature of Elden Ring, and many believe it to be the best in the business as it offers numerous customization options. Gamers are having a field day with the creation tool to create random real and fictional people to explore The Lands Between. From Billy the Butcher the boysFrom Kratos god of war Series, Snoop Dogg and Benedict Cumberbatch are some of the famous characters created Elden Ring the players

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Meanwhile, many Elden Ring Fans are often incredible artists who use their skills to showcase their love for the game through fan art. These can range from tattoos to intricately designed 3D printed sculptures Elden Ring Letters like a walking tomb. In contrast, others like TikTok user PaintedDragonStudio go for a more traditional approach, using a paintbrush and a canvas. The artist’s real name is Aaron Long, who used the social media platform to display a brilliant image of Stormville Castle. Long uploaded a five-second video clip to TikTok titled “I’m Fine Don’t Send Help” where they show the backside of the painting first before revealing the whole thing.

The post received an overwhelmingly positive response from the TikTok community as it received nearly 60 thousand likes and was shared over 100 times. The video also received hundreds of comments where other users praised Aaron Long while others asked for details related to the estimated time taken. Long clarified that it took them more than 25 hours to complete the painting. Long created another Elden Ring Art from the past, including an impressive oil painting of the Queen.

For those who don’t know, Stormville Castle is a dungeon located on the hills of Stormhill and serves as Godric the Grafted’s stronghold. The castle is usually swarming with soldiers, dangerous creatures, and other terrifying enemies, making it extremely difficult for anyone who wants to infiltrate it. Elden Ring Players use various strategies and tactics to complete Stormville Castle, such as leveling Spirit Ashes that can be used as a distraction against enemy factions.

Elden Ring Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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