Arizona sisters missing in Switzerland died by assisted suicide, authorities say

Two Arizona sisters reported missing by family in Switzerland have died by assisted suicide, authorities say.

Lila Ammouri, a physician, and registered nurse Susan Frazier flew to Basel, Switzerland on February 3 and were due to return to the United States on February 13.

When they failed to show up for work at Aetna Health Insurance in Phoenix, their friends and family asked for help in locating them.

Their deaths were confirmed by the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs on February 19, but no cause of death was given.

A spokesperson for the Basle-Country public prosecutor’s office confirmed that they had The Independent that the sisters had committed suicide “within the legal framework”.

“The parquet floor of the canton of Basel-Country confirms that the two Americans died during their stay in Switzerland. They both committed suicide – with the help of an assisted suicide organization,” said Michael Lutz. The Independent.

Mr Lutz said assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland “under certain conditions”.

“In the specific case, the on-site checks carried out by the authorities revealed that the assisted suicide took place within the legal framework, so that the Basle-Country prosecutor’s office did not open a criminal investigation.”

Brother Cal Ammouri said The Arizona Family last week that he had last spoken with one of his sisters a few weeks before they disappeared and was unaware that they had traveled to Switzerland.

“She didn’t tell me anything, nothing at all,” he said.

“Everyday I check the mailbox and wonder if maybe they will contact me somehow. I love them both and want them back,” he told the news site.

According to an online profile, Dr. Ammouri, 54, was a hospice and palliative care specialist in Flagstaff, Arizona.

She practiced at Flagstaff Medical Center and was “board certified in palliative care and palliative medicine.”

After both sisters were reported missing, friends and family suspected they might have been victims of foul play.

Long-time friend David Biglari said the last text he received from Ms Ammouri contained spelling mistakes that were completely irrelevant.

Her friend David Biglari said he became suspicious after receiving a text from one of the missing sisters with an unusual misspelling.


He said KPHO that friends had “reason to believe” that someone else was texting them from the sisters’ devices.

In a separate interview, Dr Biglari said red flags were raised when the sisters failed to show up for work.

“Are they being held somewhere, hostage?” Held for ransom? »

According to, around 1,300 people died by assisted suicide in Switzerland in 2020. Most are carried out with the help of the two largest assisted suicide organizations, Dignitas and Exit.

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