Apple AirPods 2 will bring a surprise ‘wake-up call’, insider claims

The Apple AirPods 2 are only a few months away, it seems, but the latest report from a key Apple analyst suggests a whole new approach will arrive then.

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Specifically, Ming-Chi Kuo said in his latest tweets that the AirPods Pro 2 would mean the immediate retirement of the current Pro model. This, Kuo says, is due to what happened to AirPods sales. When Apple launched the third-generation AirPods last year, it kept the previous second-generation model in the lineup at a significantly reduced price. According to Kuo, the result was a “failed product segmentation strategy” and Apple cut production of the latest model because “demand for the AirPods 3 is significantly lower than for the AirPods 2.”

Kuo explains that it’s because “consumers aren’t willing to spend an extra $50 on the new AirPods 3 selling points.” In other words, if what Kuo says is correct, customers are taking advantage of the new low price of the second-generation AirPods, $129, rather than trading up to the latest version at $179.

Apple has always maintained that it doesn’t mind cannibalizing its sales when customers choose another of its products, and its repricing will have been done to still generate a profit, but “AirPods Pro may be discontinued after the launch of AirPods Pro 2 in 2H22 to avoid repeating the same mistake.

In this case, Apple will revert to the strategy it used when releasing the second-generation AirPods, instantly abandoning the first version. It should be noted that while the first and second iterations had the same price, the price of the third generation AirPods increased, which led to a significant price difference.

Kuo describes that plan to remove AirPods Pro when Pro 2 lands as a “wake-up call for AirPods.”

There is more. “AirPods only cost $249 at best without more innovative features,” says Kuo. This refers to AirPods Pro rather than regular AirPods, as the price is much higher than any regular “Pod”. And the meaning is a bit fuzzy. While I think the price is probably right, I see no reason why Apple would release new Pro headphones without adding new features. And anyway, there have been a lot of rumors of new features, for example regarding new health abilities, for the upcoming Pros.

Regarding the timing, Kuo reiterates what was said before that the release will be in the second half of 2022. I believe September, October at the latest will be the release time for the AirPods Pro 2 – and probably the last time the first generation Pro headphones will be available.

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