Apex Legends Pro ImperialHal refuses to kill disconnected player during $ 2 million ALGS Championship

Apex Legends Pro ImperialHal refuses to kill disconnected player during $ 2 million ALGS Championship

As one of the top competitive battle royal games, Apex Legends There are many talented professional players who compete and often stream their gameplay regularly. Recently, many of the game’s top stars have gathered to take part in the latest Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championships, a LAN event. One of the most popular of the professional players in attendance is the Imperial Hall.

As part of the sports agency TSM, ImperialHal has created a name for the game Apex Legends Since Battle Royale was released in 2019. In recent months, he has consistently streamed his gameplay to thousands of viewers on Twitch while teaming up with fellow TSM members Verhulst and Reps. Although Pro is known for its competitive intensity, he has also recently been praised for his stadium.

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While competing in the ALGS Championship event on Saturday, ImperialHal and his teammates encountered an unusual situation during one of their matches on the world edge map. Moving towards the train track just outside Fragment East, the pro player noticed an opponent standing in the open, not moving. Quickly admitting that the enemy player had probably lost connection, the Imperial Hall called his teammates, telling them not to shoot. TSM then moves away from the player, leaving them alone instead of attacking them.

The unusual situation of this phenomenon is certainly noticeable. While it is unknown how other professionals would handle the situation because there seems to be no rule prohibiting players from killing disconnected opponents, it is refreshing to see a gamer in the middle of a match show sportsmanship to their fellow competitors. Also, it is worth noting that the ALGS Championship has a পুল 2 million prize pool, which makes this decision to save the AFK player even more significant as it could affect TSM’s chances of winning the event.

Since ImperialHal has decided not to kill the disconnected player, numerous fans have commented on the situation. Among the comments, most fans were impressed by the game played by the pro player in the middle of a high-stakes match, with many tweeting in support of them. Indeed, Imperialhal has commented on his own in-game decision. “Every player can at least do something about these issues here,” the pro player noted, referring to connection issues during season 13. Apex Legends

Fortunately, Imperial Hall’s performance in this sport did not compromise his team’s chances of winning the ALGS event. ImperialHal, along with its partner TSM squadmate Reps and Verhulst, has still been able to advance to the ALGS championship round. Only time will tell if TSM or any of the other top competing teams will come home with a top prize. Whichever team wins, hopefully, there will be no connection problems Apex Legends Grand Final time for those who compete.

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