Apex Legends Gets Anime-Themed Gaiden Event Featuring Bangalore Prestige Skin

Apex Legends Gets Anime-Themed Gaiden Event Featuring Bangalore Prestige Skin

Rumors of an anime-themed Apex Legends event began circulating on the /r/ApexUncovered subreddit several weeks ago after datamined images of Octane dressed as One Piece Luffy began circulating. Today, Respawn confirmed those rumors with the release of an official announcement detailing all the features the Gaiden event will bring with it.

While Respawn doesn’t classify it as a collection event (which rewards players with an heirloom weapon for collecting 24 premium cosmetics), it does include a prestige skin for Bangalore. Additionally, after recently debuting in Apex Legends Mobile, the classic shot-sniper LTM known as Armed and Dangerous will return to the console/PC version of Apex. Take a closer look at all the unique features coming to Apex Legends when the Gaiden event goes live.

Armed and dangerous

Apex’s first LTM, Armed and Dangerous, will return to the game and the entirety of the Gaiden event will be playable. This mod clears all weapons from the loot pool except the Charge Rifle, Crabber, Longbow, Sentinel, EVA-8, Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and Mozambique. Throwable weapons will remain in the loot pool, but Triple Tech will not be available, as it was reclassified as a Marksman weapon in 2021.

Armed and Dangerous is a great way to get some practice with shotguns and snipers – or knock out some of this season’s sniper- and shotgun-exclusive Battle Pass challenges. The returning LTM will begin July 19 on the Olympus, Storm Point, and World’s Edge maps.

Track the free rewards of the Gaiden Flash event
Track the free rewards of the Gaiden Flash event

Flash events and free prizes

The Gaiden event will feature two free flash event reward tracks, one for each week of the event. They hold the following awards:

First week: July 19 – 26

  • An event-exclusive transition screen
  • A total of 22 battle pass stars
  • Epic-Tier Down Thunder Fuse skin
  • Bionic friend gun charm
  • Epic-Tier Cloudburst 30-30 Repeater weapon skin

Week Two: July 26 – August 2

  • 19 battle pass stars
  • 50 Craft Metals
  • 1 Apex Pack
  • ok holospray
  • 1 Gaiden Event Pack

Players who complete both reward tracks will earn enough Battle Pass Stars to unlock all four Battle Pass levels.

Octane's One Piece-themed skin, matching EVA-8 shotgun and banner frames.
Octane’s One Piece-themed skin, matching EVA-8 shotgun and banner frames.

Gaiden Cosmetics and Prestige Skin in Bangalore

The Gaiden event features legendary-level anime-themed skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Watson. Each skin for the Charge Rifle, EVA-8, Flatline, and Wingman includes a matching banner frame and complementary firearm replicas in the form of Legendary-level weapon skins.

Although the Gaiden event is not technically a collection event, players will be rewarded with an exclusive cosmetic item for each cosmetic they collect. In this instance, that reward is Bangalore’s Apex Commander Prestige Skin, a mythic-level character cosmetic that evolves with an appearance as players take damage and complete challenges while playing as Bangalore.

The Apex Commander skin has three tiers, and unlocking the third and final tier will give players access to a new finisher for Bangalore. Players can equip any tier of prestige skins once unlocked, so if you decide you don’t like the look of the third tier, you can always choose a different tier of your choice.

Climbing to the third level of Bangalore's Prestige skin also unlocks the exclusive Close Quarters Combat Finisher.
Climbing to the third level of Bangalore’s Prestige skin also unlocks the exclusive Close Quarters Combat Finisher.

While the Collection event requires players to collect 24 cosmetics to unlock an Heirloom weapon, players can only obtain the Bangalore Apex Commander skin if they unlock 40 cosmetics in the Gaiden event. Fortunately, Crafting Metals and Gaiden Packs provide a less expensive option for unlocking event cosmetics.

But there’s good news for players who aren’t dead-set on prestige skins but have their eye on a specific item, such as Octane’s One Piece skin, Revenant’s Neon Genesis Evangelion skin, Watson’s Naruto skin, or another unique Gaiden event. As well as being craftable via leather crafting metal, all Gaiden event cosmetics will enter the Evergreen cosmetic pool once the event is over – meaning they can be obtained via standard Apex Packs. As with previous non-collectible events, the cost of unlocking Gaiden event items through crafting metal will drop significantly after two seasons.

Save the item

Apex Legends’ standard in-game store is also getting a makeover. While the event is live, players can purchase various store bundles from the Gaiden event, including some Gaiden event packs that each contain a weapon or character skin. Several bundles containing Loba and Seer-themed cosmetics that are not from the Gaiden event will also be available.

The Gaiden event will begin on July 19 and end on August 2. For a closer look at what items will be available in the store during the event, check out Respawn’s recent blog post, which details all the new content the Gaiden event is bringing to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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