Another leak hints at Sumeru’s release date

A new Genshin Impact leak reveals more information about one of the upcoming great nations, the long-awaited region of Sumeru.

So far, the story of Genshin Impact took players to the City of Freedom, Mondstadt, the Land of Contracts, Liyue, and the newly released Nation of Eternity, Inazuma. Multiple leaks have already revealed that another great nation is upon us.

After the arrival of Enkanomiya in Update 2.4, Genshin Impact The livestream event has now officially announced a brand new region named Chasm for the upcoming 2.6 release. However, it looks like Chasm won’t be the only region coming in future updates.


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Popular Genshin Impact leaker has revealed more information about the arrival of a new major region named Sumeru. Apparently, the new region should arrive in the 3.0 update, which is scheduled after 2.8. According to the game’s usual update schedule, Genshin Impact the 3.0 update should be released at the end of July. This means that the game will introduce another Archon into the game, and Sumeru’s protector would be the youngest of the Seven Archons.

Hoyoverse has already confirmed the arrival of a new region named Chasm in the next Genshin Impact Version 2.6. Multiple leaks have revealed that its arrival will be separated into two updates. The name Chasm has been on the game map for a very long time, and fans are excited to see what it could bring. Even though previous rumors suggested that this region would be the first to introduce the famous Dendro element, it seems that Hoyoverse has decided to delay it once again.

However, the official Genshin Impact The story also confirmed that Sumeru will be the home of the Dendro element. There are a total of seven different elements in Genshin Impact, and Dendro is the only one who doesn’t have any playable characters using it. Adding a brand new element to the game could completely change the current meta considering all the new elemental reactions it would bring.

While there isn’t much information on how the new item will work, leaks about his early characters have been circulating since the game arrived in 2020. Apart from his Archon, Dendro’s only two characters who have been mentioned in several rumors are Baizhu and Yaoyao. Baizhu is a well-known character as he has already appeared in several quests in Liyue, while there isn’t much information about Yaoyao outside of his in-game model.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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