An Elden Ring player mourns the death of a helpful co-op partner

In a valiant but tragic twist, an Elden Ring invader turns to aid a player in battle only to be caught in the crossfire, leading to remorse.

With updates and game support continuing to drop more than a month after release, Ring of Elden is still one of the most popular games out there. Between its ability to play solo or co-op, a massive open world filled to the brim with enemies and friends, and a PVP system that allows players to test their skills against each other, Ring of Elden is a Swiss army knife of video games.

The successful PVP system Ring of Elden community respecting certain rules, allows players to face a single enemy or potentially face 3 enemies at once. It’s a meta defined by who can deal the most damage the fastest, with bleed builds allowing insane one-hit potential and magic builds that keep most players at bay.


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However, while there are plenty of competitive PVP players, there are just as many players who invade or fight just to have a good time. For example, a Ring of Elden A player disguised as an NPC tricked players into leaving their world after invading it, resulting in free souls and furlcalling finger cure. However, a player recently found tragedy engaging with invaders as one of the invaders is shot while trying to be of use.

What happened was that Reddit user Bouchen invaded a player with the intention of killing him, resulting in a fight. The fight looked pretty even for Bouchen and the host until another invader joined the fray, turning the tide in Bouchen’s favor. However, something clicked inside Bouchen that made them reconsider their invasion, causing them to attack their fellow invader instead. Unfortunately, the host had drawn his Moonveil kitana at the same time, leading to a successful but tragic double kill. Just like another tragically poetic Ring of Elden duel, the ending left the host mourning his fallen dueling partner so much that he collapsed in grief.

As stated earlier, Ring of Elden and previous FromSoftware games have a thriving PVP community. As such, players tend to help each other even when they’re supposed to be on separate teams. Such was the case with Bouchen and the host who, despite their differences, worked together and cried together. For honorable fellows like these two, the potential for Ring of Elden DLC PVP zones would allow them to continue their fight to a more honorable conclusion in the future.

While it’s still unclear why Bouchen decided to switch sides and help his enemy, who they revealed they fought for over 3 minutes prior to the clip, the result was a melancholy double kill that left brought the host to his knees. Perhaps the two will one day meet in glorious combat, but until then, Bouchen’s sacrifice will surely be remembered.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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