Amazing Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Shows Unique Gyarados, Skitty, and Shedinja

Pokemon fan creates unique fusion fan art that combines Gyarados with Corsola, Skitty with Cofagrigus, and Shedinja with Gardevoir.

Nintendo fans are known for creating unique fan art and it’s no different with the Pokemon franchise, which has caught the eye of many artists who have modified existing Pokémon and created all-new ones since the first games were released in 1996. Pokemon fan decided to combine Pokemon together to create three fascinating fusions that seem to fit into the Pokemon universe.

Reddit user Quotedotlass posted three Pokemon mergers a few days ago which combine Gyarados with Corsola, Skitty with Cofagrigus and Shedinja with Gardevoir. The Pokemon fan art rightly looks like a mix of the two Pokemon which creates a different look that may give fans an idea of ​​what a regional variant or future evolution might look like. The frames of the Gyarados and Skitty are mostly unchanged in their merges, while the Shedinja and Gardevoir Pokemon fan art comes across as an ideal mix of the two Pokemon.


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The first one Pokemon fan art shared by Quotedotlass shows a Gyarados that is mostly pink and white to mirror the Corsola, while the colorful coral highlights parts of the Water-type Pokemon, including along its spine and tail. Gyarados usually has whiskers near his mouth, but this Pokemon the fusion swaps these for horns that protrude from his head, another feature taken from Corsola. The detailed Gyarados also looks at the ghost of a Magikarp which is included towards its midsection and is the initial form of the Pokémon.

Skitty’s playful fan art notably shows the Pokemon playing with a small ball of ragged fabric rather than yarn because of the Pokemon fusion. This Skitty wears a gold and blue headdress to reflect Cofagrigus and a ghostly arm emerges from the back of the cat Pokemon who smiles with wide red eyes rather than the usually squinted face. The Quotedotlass finale Pokemon fan art shows a combination of Shedinja with Gardevoir, and it looks like it could be a future evolution of the old Pokemon that evolves from Nincada. Fusion takes Gardevoir’s high frame and applies the Shedinja color scheme of shades of brown to create an angelic Pokémon.

Although the Gyarados in the Quotedotlass fan art appears to be a future regional variant of Pokemon, and the Shedinja appears to be a potential future evolution for the Nincada line of Pokemon, the Skitty and Cofagrigus fusion is unlikely to appear in a future game. .given the drastic changes made to both Pokémon to create a unique aesthetic. Some fans of Quotedotlass’ Pokemon fan art highlighted the radiance of Shedinja and Gardevoir with one suggesting the Pokemon fusion looks like Mercy from Surveillance. It is currently unclear if any of the Pokemon targeted in Quotedotlass Pokemon fan art will be included in the Pokedex of upcoming titles.

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