AI image generator shows how Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur will look in Metal Gear Solid concept art style

AI image generator shows how Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur will look in Metal Gear Solid concept art style

Although Rockstar’s iconic art style served Red Dead Redemption 2 Well, I was curious to see what a gamer would look like when drawn in Arthur’s style Metal Gear SolidIts concept is art. Fortunately, the DALL-E Mini Image Generator provides this Red Dead Redemption 2 The fan is exactly what they were looking for.

DALL-E Mini took the internet by storm, as it allowed players to combine memes and craft absurd images by throwing two completely different things together. However, it has been particularly fun for gamers, as it has allowed them to easily combine franchises or video game art styles. For every laugh lineup in the picture like Gigachada embracing the crazy flames Elden Ring, gamers can see some fantastic art generated by an AI Thanks to CTU-01’s cleverness, fans have seen one metal instrument-Edition like Arthur Morgan.

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Metal Gear SolidIts iconic concept art was created by Yohji Shinkawa, a beloved figure who created some pieces based on it. Call of Duty Zombies and Our last 2. However, Shinkawa is best known for his work on Hideo Kojima’s games, as he was involved in every game. Metal Gear Solid 2019 releases of titles and industry icons Death Stranding. Shinkawa’s designs are simultaneously detailed and minimalistic, with the artist using only a few colors for each piece or sticking to entirely black and white art. Unsurprisingly, Dal-yi nailed Mini Shinkawa’s style.

How dear to give Red Dead Redemption 2With Arthur Morgan as its protagonist, it’s no surprise that CTU-01 chose them as the subject of these images. Even more unexpected was how great the AI-generated images turned out, as Arthur could clearly be made out in every part. The first picture is undoubtedly the best, though. Although Arthur has a seemingly snake-like eyepatch, a sign of the AI’s limitations, both his cowboy hat and his outfit look great.

Other images show Arthur walking with a shadow behind him and Arthur holding a knife, though the close-up of his face is easily the most Shinkawa-like. In the comments, several Redditors responded to the post, confirming that there are plenty of people out there who love both Metal Gear Solid And Red dead rescue. Reddit user mragentofchaos even pokes fun at the “playing like a flute” meme Metal Gear Solid 5Jokes that this is what Arthur would look like if he suffered a similar fate.

Going forward, fans of Hideo Kojima’s games and Yoji Shinkawa’s work might want to see if the DALL-E Mini can deliver great results. After all, video games have plenty of characters that would be fun to watch Metal Gear SolidIts concept is art style.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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