After series of blunders, Marjorie Taylor Greene is ridiculed for calling Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘ignorant’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing a Twitter backlash that could soon translate into real consequences after a stunning attack targeting Ketanji Brown Jackson and those supporting his Supreme Court confirmation.

The far-right Georgia lawmaker used the barrage of accusations raised by Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying Ms Jackson was too lenient in sentencing those convicted of having sex abuse images on children to go further and directly condemn Ms. Jackson’s supporters as “pro-pedophile”, specifically naming three GOP senators who have announced their intention to vote for Ms. Jackson.

During her comments, made on the far-right “Real America’s Voice” network, the congresswoman continued to mock the Harvard-educated judge with nearly a decade of service on the bench as “someone so ignorant that she doesn’t know what a woman is.” The remark referred to Ms. Jackson’s refusal to give a biological definition of a woman to GOP senators during her confirmation hearing, which, according to it would be a question for doctors or biologists.

It was this accusation of ignorance that prompted immediate pushback on Tuesday when the clip was shared on Twitter.

“The irony of this person referring to anyone as ignorant is priceless,” Twitter user Mike Newhall wrote.

“A typical case of the pot calling the black kettle,” added another.

His reference to Sens Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski as “pro-pedophiles” is likely to upset Republicans in the upper house, especially given the backlash his far-right House colleague Madison Cawthorn has faced. confronted after his comments accusing members of inviting him to an orgy and taking cocaine in front of him surfaced online.

The congresswoman and ally of Donald Trump remarked in the video that she doesn’t care who “founded” on her remarks, but the ugly and baseless accusation that three sitting senators support pedophilia could easily be translate into real consequences for the first-year student. Member of the House given that the three senators, while often willing to buck the party line on votes, remain in good standing with the GOP leadership in the Senate.

Mr. Cawthorn faced calls from other House GOP members to name names or drop his accusations after making the comments in an interview with a right-wing podcast host, and was even brought into a meeting with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last week and denounced as a liar by the GOP leader afterwards.

“It’s unacceptable. There’s no evidence for that. It changes what it [says] and that doesn’t befit a congressman… He didn’t tell the truth,” Mr. McCarthy told reporters after his meeting with Mr. Cawthorn.

Ms Greene remains stripped of her committee assignments, where legislation is crafted and key hearings take place, following the discovery of her past pro-violence remarks against Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. . Mr. McCarthy has indicated that she could regain her committee assignments if the GOP regains control of the House in the fall, but it remains to be seen whether she will stay in his favor for that long.

The Georgia MP has already been accused of ignorance herself, particularly after she invoked what she called Ms Pelosi’s ‘police gazpacho’ – apparently meaning the Gestapo – and called Joe Biden a ‘commander and leader’.

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