After body of father missing since 2003 was likely found in stream, diver says state of submerged car ‘blew my mind’

A group of YouTube volunteer divers who have helped solve cold cases across the country say they likely found the body of a Pennsylvania man who went missing in December 2003. Police have confirmed that divers recovered remains human beings as well as a license plate corresponding to a missing person. entry from nearly two decades ago.

CBS Philadelphia reports that on Sunday, Adventures With Purpose described the extreme conditions they faced during their search.

“We discovered a vehicle 24 feet deep underwater in Darby Creek,” diver Doug Bishop said.

Divers from Adventures With Purpose, who discovered the man’s body inside a submerged car on Saturday night near the marina in Ridley Township, say James Amabile’s family believe it is their being dear who disappeared over 18 years ago. They say he disappeared after calling a babysitter to tell her he was late picking up his two daughters.

“We believe and the family believe that we have definitely closed this case for them,” Bishop said. “As I said, the medical examiner is going to have to make an exact identification before we can say for sure that we found Jimmy. He was known as Jimmy. His family is extremely grateful.”

Ridley Township police confirmed the license plate matched the victim’s car from December 2003, which, with the help of new underwater sonar technology, led divers to the location of I-95. Divers removed the remains on Sunday, despite dire circumstances.

Bishop said the workers had unknowingly drilled a pylon through the submerged car during the construction of a wharf.

“When we discovered this vehicle, there was a pylon that had been drilled through the front of this vehicle. I had never seen anything like it, it completely blew my mind,” Bishop said.

Adventures With Purpose says it has helped solve 28 cold cases so far.

“At this time, we want to take a moment to express our condolences to the entire Amabile family as they navigate this tragic end to an 18-year nightmare,” the divers wrote in the YouTube video’s description.

The group said it was also working on two other local cases, including one in Cape May and one in Philadelphia.

Adventures With Purpose is one of a growing number of detective youtubers who are trying to independently solve cold cases across the country. The group publishes its research on its YouTube channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers.

In January, the group located three cars in the Brazos River in Texas, including one driven by a woman who disappeared more than four years ago.

Adventures With Purpose described the extreme conditions they faced while extracting the remains of a man they believe disappeared more than 18 years ago.

CBS Philadelphia

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