AEW Wrestling game release window leaked

A new report claims to have the tentative release window for the All Elite Wrestling video game and it’s sooner than expected.

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All Elite Wrestling quickly became one of the most popular professional wrestling promotions in the world. Not only are wrestling fans excited to have a new professional wrestling alternative to WWE on TV, but also an upcoming alternative to WWE video games. Details on AEW’s game have been thin lately, however, with many speculating that it could still take years to develop. However, a new report claims that AEW’s video game could be coming much, much sooner than expected.


According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, the AEW video game is tentatively set to launch as early as September later this year. This would put the development of the AEW pro wrestling game much further than has been previously reported or publicly announced. Although the release window has not been officially confirmed by AEW, the source is reliable for pro wrestling industry coverage.

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While the reliability of the report is high, it doesn’t necessarily mean that AEW’s game development will stay on track with what’s currently being reported. It’s important to keep in mind that this is AEW’s first game and is being funded and produced by a company with relatively little experience developing video games. The developer itself, YUKE’s, is also known to have tough development cycles. This is just to say that relying on a September release window can be preemptive.

Perhaps just as exciting as the leaked release window for AEW’s wrestling game is the confirmation that AEW has found a publishing partner for its game as well. has funded the game’s development so far, but has always needed a partner to ship physical copies of the game. That partner has reportedly been tracked down, Sapp says, though the partner has yet to be named. The size of the publisher could indicate the type of expectations to have for the AEW game.

The last announcement made regarding AEW’s video game came by accident in mid-March when Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa casually mentioned it in an interview. Another interesting piece of news recently was the discovery of an AEW brand for AEW: Fight Forever, which could be the title of the game.

When it comes to official AEW game announcements, there has been little over the past half year. AEW has largely remained silent on the state of the game, despite its first flurry of transparency following the game’s announcement. If a September release is really the plan, however, a big announcement and a flood of information should soon. arrive. Maybe Summer Game Fest would be the best time, or maybe AEW will go ahead and do the TV announcement during AEW Dynamite.

the AEW game is currently in development.

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