AEW Fight Forever Reveals Nyla Rose Gameplay

All Elite Wrestling announces the latest addition to the roster is former Women’s Champion Nyla Rose for their upcoming video game AEW Fight Forever.

Despite a variety of new details regarding All Elite Wrestling’s video game leaking recently, not much official information has been provided. That changed today, however, when AEW wrestlers Evil Uno and Adam Page hosted the latest episode of AEW Arcade. Not only did the pair confirm that the name of the game is AEW Fight Foreverbut also that it is in development for PC in addition to consoles. AEW Fight Forever also received her final slate announcement, as Nyla Rose was confirmed.


Nyla Rose is one of AEW’s biggest stars in its women’s division. She is a former world champion, who won the belt from Joshi Riho and lost it to Hikaru Shida, who wields the kendo stick. Rose has since taken on Vickie Guerero as manager and has struggled to stay in the Championship picture. Either way, “Native Beast” Nyla Rose is a key wrestler in AEW’s short history and it’s important to include her in AEW’s first video game.

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The roster addition was confirmed Wednesday during an AEW Arcade livestream and was paired with a short gameplay clip featuring Nyla. The clip shows Nyla performing some of her favorite moves, including a running clothesline in the corner and a dipping knee while her opponent hangs from the ropes. Oddly enough, the clip didn’t feature Nyla’s finisher, the Beast Bomb. Maybe AEW saves it so it can showcase finishers in a more exciting way later.

While the in-ring action featuring Nyla was surprisingly short, the trailer also confirmed a few other details about her addition to the roster. First, its theme song, also named “Beast Bomb”, is part of the game. Its standard entrance and pyrotechnics were also featured. The outfit Nyla wears is also the one she wore during her AEW Women’s Championship run, featuring gold with black trim. It’s the same outfit used with his AEW figure, for those curious.

The last interesting detail of the news AEW Fight Forever The trailer was that Nyla’s opponent is the second AEW roster confirmation of the day, Kris Statlander. Kris got her own trailer since at Nyla’s house she mostly gets her ass kicked.

Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander are the third and fourth women to be confirmed forr AEW Fight Forever, but only the second and third have gameplay shown. Hikaru Shida was the first woman to be introduced. Thunder Rosa has since been confirmed but has yet to show gameplay. All AEW Fight Forever The roster is rumored to include 50 wrestlers, both male and female.

AEW Fight Forever is in development for PC and console.

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