Actor Ron Perlman calls Ron DeSantis ‘F**king Nazi Pig’ in misinformation-filled rant about Florida’s parental rights law

Left-leaning Hollywood actor Ron Perlman – who is set to star in the upcoming Netflix Animation family film Pinocchio — spread misinformation in a Twitter video about a Florida law that restricts teaching about sexuality and transgenderism to children in kindergarten through third grade. Perlman called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (right) a “Nazi fucking pig” and a “piece of shit”.

“Hello Governor DeSantis. Don’t say ‘gay’? ‘Don’t say’, like the first two words of a sentence uttered by a state political leader in the United States of America, ‘don’t say’? Ron Perlman lamented in a video tirade tweeted on Tuesday.

“Don’t say, you fucking Nazi pig?” To say! First Amendment. Read about it, then run for office, you piece of shit,” the Hellboy says the actor.

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Perlman, however, was spreading misinformation in his video posted to Twitter.

Earlier this month, before signing Florida’s bill, Governor DeSantis debunked left-wing lies about the bill, explaining that the measure simply prohibits sexual instruction for young school children, like children from kindergarten.

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Ron DeSantis/Rumble

At a Monday press conference, the Florida governor also addressed “members of Hollywood” who oppose anti-grooming laws.

“Someone told me there are even people in Hollywood who oppose parental protections and enforcement of parental rights,” DeSantis said.

“The only thing I will say about this is if the people who held up degenerates like Harvey Weinstein as role models and heroes – if these are the types of people who oppose us on human rights parents, I wear it as a badge of honor,” the governor added.

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Governor DeSantis isn’t the only GOP lawmaker whom Perlman has attacked after expressing concern about the sexualization of children by adults.

Last week the Don’t look up The actor told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to “fuck you” after the senator questioned Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, whose history of lenient convictions for child pornographers were questioned.

And a day before that, Perlman called Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) a “fucking white slave shit” on his question line during a recent Jackson hearing.

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