Aaron Rodgers finally reveals the hidden meaning behind his mysterious new arm tattoo

Aaron Rodgers finally reveals the hidden meaning behind his mysterious new arm tattoo

A month after getting inked for the first time, Aaron Rodgers is finally shedding some light on the mystery behind the meaning of his new tattoo.

The Packers quarterback is used to making headlines with his right hand, but it was his left hand that made headlines on July 6. Unveil a monster new tattoo. After sharing a photo of the tattoo on Instagram, Rogers said she would “share a little more” about it one day, and apparently, that day is now.

the time A recent interview on the NFL NetworkRodgers was asked about the meaning behind his new tattoo and he was more than happy to share.

“If you’re not a student of astrology, there are some strange things to see,” Rogers said. “At the top are three signs: Aquarius on the right, Sagittarius in the middle, and Scorpio on the left.”

So why did Rogers choose those three specific signs?

“I’ve always said ‘If I get a tattoo, I want to have some representation of my godson,'” the Packers quarterback said. “Now, I have two godsons — I’m very grateful for that — and one of them is an Aquarius and one of them is a Sagittarius, so I wanted to have a representation of them on my arm.”

To have a Scorpio sign on his arm, it had personal meaning.

“Scorpio is the sign I resonate most with in my own birth chart,” says Rogers. “There are some things with the rest of the ingredients and some other things.”

Rogers got his tattoo from Hungarian artist Balazs Berkseni, and if you’re wondering how the two of them crossed paths, there’s an explanation.

“I love the artist. I’ve known him for a while and it was just divine timing,” Rogers said. “I was in Europe between a few trips. He lives in Hungary and everything came together to put the thing in my hands. I took it very seriously because that thing has been there forever… He is the truth. Master and I to work with Balazs and it is mine. Really grateful to be in arms.”

The Packers QB didn’t explain the meaning behind the two lions or the all-seeing eyes, but that’s a mystery we can leave for another day. So there you go. Now everyone can stop focusing on Rodgers’ left arm and start focusing on his right arm, which he will try to lead the Packers to a fourth straight division title.

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