A tidy collection of arcade games but needed a few more classics

Taito is arguably one of the key companies in arcade game history, so this new Taito Milestones collection for the switch is certainly remarkable. It may not be for everyone.

Retro gaming is big business these days, as classic games are ported or even remastered and brought to whole new audiences on a variety of platforms.

However, for those who didn’t grow up with these games, trying to choose interesting titles from earlier eras of gaming can feel a bit daunting. So retro collections like this certainly help with that.

This collection contains a total of 10 classic Taito arcade games, namely, Qix, space seeker, Alpine skiing, First line, wild west, Chack’n Pop, elevator action, The story of fairyland, Halley’s Comet and ninja warriors.

The twist is that each of these games is run by Hamster through their Arcades Archives line of games. This means that while this collection may seem expensive, costing $39.99, each of these 10 games normally costs $7.99 each on the Switch.

This means that if you wanted to buy these games individually, you would pay double what it costs for this collection. Moreover, two games in this collection are not even available in separate versions, namely that of space seeker and Chack’n Popso there is that to consider as well.

So, is this set worth buying? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you don’t know anything about Taito’s arcade gaming heritage, this collection is certainly a useful crash course in gaming history, but it’s probably best if you know at least some of the games here.

For me, the inclusion of ninja warriors makes this collection at least partially worth it, but again, your personal gaming preference will play a big role here.

The ports are all expertly managed and anyone familiar with any of the Arcades Archives builds shouldn’t be surprised by this at all.

However, I think Taito’s gaming oeuvre might have been better represented with a different, less specialized game collection. I mean, at least one Darius game would have been useful, maybe even space invaders as well. Especially since these games helped define Taito as a company, as well as influencing all sorts of games that followed in their wake.

Overall, this is still a solid collection and there are some real hidden gems here. I just think this collection could have been so much more and picked a better range of games to show off what made Taito such an arcade gaming powerhouse.

Taito Milestones

Platform: nintendo switch

Developer: Hamster

Editor: ININ Games

Published: April 15, 2022

Price: $39.99

Score: 7/10

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this game for the purposes of this review.

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