A Skyrim player is sent flying to his death during a battle with an ancient dragon

Skyrim player shows video of his Dragonborn being thrown to death in an epic battle with a mighty ancient dragon.

skyrim ancient dragon battle

Dragons in Skryim are a formidable opponent in the game, the strongest being the ancient dragons. an unlucky one Skyrim player was thrown to death while fighting an epic battle with an ancient dragon.

Elder Dragons are the toughest and oldest dragons found in Skyrim that the Dragonborn may encounter on his journey. They are usually first seen when a Dragonborn is at level 35, but can be encountered as early as level 28. They become increasingly common at level 50. Dragon types start with low level dragons, slightly more powerful, increasingly difficult blood dragons. Elder Dragons, and finally the highest in difficulty, the Ancient Dragons.


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Reddit user Sibernetiq shared a video of their epic fight with an ancient dragon at Winterhold College. In the clip, Sibernetiq gets very close to the dragon’s face in order to continue attacking it, bringing its health very close to death. They kind of trigger the dragon’s kill-cam animation where the creature takes the Dragonborn into its mouth. The dragon then shakes the Dragonborn off Sibernetiq and ends up throwing them aside, conveniently towards a window through which the Dragonborn falls to its death. The clip ends when the game loads the player to their last checkpoint.

The animation where a dragon in Skyrim takes the player’s Dragonborn into its mouth is usually a killer move, leaning towards the end of the battle and the dragon’s victory. It was clearly a funny accident that the dragon ended up throwing the player out the window to seal his fate. The most disappointing thing about this battle is that Sibernetiq reduced the ancient dragon’s health to its lowest point, but ended up losing the battle.

Dragon battles can be won or lost in various ways, even when an NPC arrives and interrupts an ongoing battle with a dragon. This can be an annoying inconvenience when a player loses the loot that can be earned from a battle with a dragon other than their soul, especially that of an ancient dragon.

Instances such as this can be a major inconvenience as a dragon usually does not return to the same location after the player dies. With that in mind, fun accidents like this are part of what makes Skyrim a game that players return to again and again just to see what crazy thing or glitch might happen in their next play session.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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