A SEGA job listing suggests a new Sonic mobile game in the works, possibly confirming the leak

A SEGA job listing suggests a new Sonic mobile game in the works, possibly confirming the leak

HARDlight is a UK-based game developer, part of Sega’s European arm, with an impressive resume of mobile games. Include titles like this crazy taxi And Chuchu rocket! the world For platforms like Apple Arcade. But the studio is best known for more than one Sonic the Hedgehog Mobile games that have been released, such as multiplayer racing games Sonic Forces speed battleThat includes many playable fan-favorite characters, some even originating from current IDW comics runs.

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Recently, new details regarding Sega Hardlight Studios have popped up, giving fans a hint of the developer’s next project. This was a new job listing, the company is searching for a Lead Artist position for a new platform game This is usually a position that is required for core development, indicating that the project is still in the early stages of development. Regardless, this position seems to be for a new mobile Sonic the Hedgehog Given the studio’s history in developing mobile titles for the game, series.

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This Sega Hardlight job listing indicates that it will be for a game described as a platformer, which sonic The series also states that the game intends to be a “narrative-driven” platformer, which will differ from the approach of other games developed by the studio. The job listing itself mentions that while it’s recognized as a mobile game, it’s aiming to be something on par with console video games.

Interestingly, this job position appears to be possibly aligned with a leak posted on 4chan. A number of these leaks are accurately detailed sonic-related News, eg Sonic Origins collection declaration, Sonic Frontiers News throughout June, as well as previews Sonic Prime Show on Netflix Geeked. It also talked about an upcoming project by Hardlight, where they called it “The genshin effect But with sonic

The description of a narrative-based platformer seems to fit Hardlight’s development potential The genshin effectesque mobile game for sonicto give GenshinIts mobile origins. The leak also says that the project will take away Hardlight’s priorities Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle, the game is expected to be discontinued within the next few years. Next year is also expected to feature a 2D game, which will feature Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, along with Shadow the Hedgehog making his first playable appearance in 2D. That said, fans should take this leak with a large grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

a new one Sonic the Hedgehog A mobile game is rumored to be in development.

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