A Pokemon fan makes a Mareep figure out of wool

A creative Pokemon fan makes an adorable Mareep figurine out of yarn using the skill of needle felting, a few needle tools, and a block of foam.

the Pokemon is one of the most iconic monster collecting franchises in the world, with around 900 pocket monsters to capture, train and befriend. Over the years, many fans have learned that some of these monsters are easier to capture in certain art mediums than others. Recently, a Pokemon fan managed to recreate the sheep-like Pokemon Mareep entirely out of real wool.

Mareep is one of many Pokémon that are clearly based on real-world animals – in particular, Mareep and its evolutions Flaafy and Ampharos are based on sheep. This relationship is exemplified by Mareep’s fluffy white coat and the horn-like protrusions that emerge from its head, much like the horns of a ram. Unlike real sheep, Mareep is an electric type that can store electricity in its tail, which glows like a light bulb.


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Redditor possumplant shared a photo of their attempt to recreate Mareep entirely out of wool. Specifically, they used the art of needle felting to transform a mass of colored wool into a specific shape with needle tools. In the image, the wool sculpture Mareep is shown standing on all fours on the piece of dark foam used to create it. The needle tools used in the project are displayed next to the sculpture.

In the image, the Mareep is depicted with a cream-colored wool coat, dark blue face and legs, and black and yellow striped horns and tail. Wandering wisps of wool peek out from all over the sculpture, but she’s still easily recognizable as Mareep. The sculpture even has clearly defined black wool eyes, with white highlights. Although the tip of its tail does not glow, the sculpture features a large round ball on the orange wool tail. As a result, the entire sculpt is surprisingly accurate, though it lacks the subtle cloven hoofs of official Mareep art.

At the time of writing, it seems other fans are in awe of possumplant’s creation. A few users replied to this post stating that possumplant used a sheep to make a sheep, much like some dog owners make miniature dogs from their canine’s fur. Several other users praised the artist for creating an incredibly cute and fluffy Mareep. One user even asked what the art of making sculptures from wool was called and expressed interest in learning the skill themselves, possibly to create their own. Pokemon sculpture. Either way, this is perhaps the fluffiest recreation of Mareep.

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