A Pokemon fan makes a cute Spiritomb figure

A Pokemon fan uses the needle felting craft to create an adorable figure of the Ghost-type Pokemon Spiritomb from the Gen 4 games.

the Pokemon The franchise is full of cute, cool, and even intimidating Pokémon, but some Pokémon take things a step further and aim to scare fans away. Ghost-type Pokémon are particularly prone to this, often featuring designs inspired by ghost stories, puppets, dolls, and other ghosts. A Pokemon fan decided to create a tribute to a particularly scary Pokémon by creating an adorably unsettling Spiritomb figure.

Spiritomb is known as the Forbidden Pokemon and is a dual-type ghost/dark Pokemon introduced in the Gen 4 games. This rare type means it only has one weakness, the Fairy-type, making it a strong choice for any team. The Pokémon also played a starring role in one of Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ spookier quests, which require players to collect 107 wisps to encounter Spiritomb.


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Redditor bbobblob shared a photograph of the Spiritomb figurine they created using the art of needle felting. Needle felting is done by combining roving wool with very sharp needles with barbs which are used to agitate the wool fibers and persuade them to stick together. Felt pens can create a wide variety of soft and fuzzy works of art, including wool paintings and detailed 3D sculptures. Bbobblob decided to use the contraption to create an adorable, sweet, and fairly detailed full-length recreation of Spiritomb.

The wool figure features a small tan base and a large light purple “face”, as Spiritomb has no traditional humanoid or animal anatomy. Instead, the Pokemon takes the form of a mass of ghostly energy with eyes, mouth, and markings. The energy appears to be anchored to a rock found at the bottom of the Pokémon’s mace. Bbobblob’s figure depicts the mass of energy as an irregular, relatively thin mass of wool decorated with green and yellow bubbles. He also has green eyes, a jagged green mouth, and a black spiral in the center of his right eye.

Although the figure is only shown from the front and from a very particular angle, it is clear that this 3D wool creation has a lot of depth. Not only is the stone part of Spiritomb situated well behind its main body, but the figure stands upright, seemingly unaided. This would imply that the Spiritomb figure has something behind the face to help balance the weight of the body. The stone part is very small so it took a lot of work to make sure it could fit properly. It’s not the first time a fan has needle felted a Pokemon, but it might be one of the most impressive.

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