A Pokemon fan has a cool idea for improving safari areas in future games

A Pokemon fan suggests that Safari areas found in future titles should implement the capture mechanics found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Although not found in Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe Safari Zone has appeared in several Pokemon Games. The latest main series games Pokémon Sword and Shield, also didn’t feature a Safari Zone, opting for the Wild Zone instead. But that didn’t stop one fan from coming up with an idea that could help improve the area if it makes an appearance in future games.

The Safari Zone was a special area that players could visit that allowed them to move around and capture Pokemon. The area contained rare Pokémon for players to find, some of which were only located in the Safari area. Players would explore the area and engage in encounters with Pokemon, though they would not participate in traditional battles. Instead, players threw special PokeBalls designed for the Safari Zone, with Pokemon able to flee the encounter. With the possibility that we’ll see the Safari Zone return to pokemon scarlet and Purple among other features, a player has an idea to help improve the experience.


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A Redditor by the name of MagicalMagic00 suggested that the next Pokemon games with a Safari zone should use the capture mechanics found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They state that if future games in the series were to return to traditional combat capture, it would be a good way to retain the mechanics found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It could also make Safari Zones less frustrating while keeping them different from the standard routes Pokemon will be encountered on.

Many have commented that they agree with MagicalMagic00 and that it would be a good balance of keeping tradition while embracing the new systems established in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While some believe that the capture method used in Pokemon Legends: Arceus would be a good system to use in a future Safari area, some argue that Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ the capture system should be a mainstay in the future Pokemon games in general.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus made several changes to how players captured Pokemon. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players don’t initially have to engage in a battle before they have a chance to catch a Pokemon. Players can throw a PokeBall before sending their Pocket Monster into battle, allowing them to make a capture before any actual battle. Players can use different types of PokeBalls with a variety of effects, and can use items to make catching a Pokémon easier. However, if this happens, players can engage in a battle to weaken the wild Pokémon before throwing a PokeBall.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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