A new Need for Speed ​​game similar to Underground would be a good thing

The new Need for Speed ​​game in development could be connected to the Underground games of the early 2000s, and it would be a good thing if that’s the case.

A new Need of speed the game has been known to be in development for quite some time, with the latest official communication about it being that Criterion Games was stepping away from it to help Battlefield 2042. This caused an internal delay, but it looks like Criterion is back Need of speed full speed.

According to Jeff Grubb, a new Need of speed The game is currently expected to release around November 2022. That adds time, and moreover, it will only be PS5 and Xbox Series X. While this may be upsetting for PS4 and Xbox One users, it hopefully means , that the game takes advantage of improved technology. He was less certain about that, but thinks the game could take place in Miami, which for him could last a while. Underground vibe. If so, it would be almost absolutely welcomed by the community if done right.


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Need for Speed: Return to the Metro

That doesn’t mean this year is supposed to Need of speed the game should be Underground 1 or 2 Redo, but deliver on a new Underground title would be a nostalgic sell. Previously, there was a plethora of high-quality racing games, such as Nightclub and many classics Need of speed games, but they died out a bit. This is NOT to say that there are no popular or good racing games today, but they seem less frequent and competitive compared to older games.

Need of speed had several beloved classic titles that he tried to bring back over the past decade. Most Wanted had something of a reboot in 2012, but it failed to capture the excitement of street racing and the personal investment in a story the way the original 2005 launch did. hot pursuit was even remastered, but again failed to capture Lightning in a Bottle a second time. That’s why, if this new game is somehow related to Undergroundit shouldn’t just be a repurposed name or a remaster – it should now do what the original Underground did.

the original Need for underground speed the games really felt street level and underground, down to the radio playlist. It was the first game in the series to feature a career mode with a fully-fledged storyline, as well as the deep customization found in its garage mode. While the former is random, the latter now feels like a given in any racing game. Underground also pushed the import vehicles over the exotics, adding to that rough underground vibe, and overall the game was a critical and commercial success.

If this new game is well linked to Need for underground speed in a way, it should be a reboot of the franchise in all forms and ways from the original.

A new Need of speed the game is in development, apparently for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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