A Final Fantasy 7 fan shows off a Buster Sword ice cube tray

A Final Fantasy 7 fan shares images of the official Square Enix Buster Sword ice cube tray he purchased, including what the ice cubes look like.

One of the ways video game companies try to keep older franchises at the top of communities’ minds is by releasing official merchandise. Square Enix is ​​well known for producing and marketing a variety of Final Fantasy merchandise, especially from one of its most popular series entries, Final Fantasy 7. Recently, a fan shared images of the official FF7 The Buster Sword ice cube tray they purchased and showed what ice cubes look like once they are completely frozen.


Although most hardcore fans would probably like to have figures of their favorite Final Fantasy characters displayed in their homes, household items are a great and subtle way to show they’re part of the fandom. Square Enix is ​​aware of this side of the community and has released a range of household products and wearables such as watches, jewelry, bedside clocks, drinking glasses, towels, and even luggage. This ensures that fans will find something in the official merchandise line to suit their tastes.

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On Reddit, user Kagebi shared that he was able to buy the official Final Fantasy 7 Buster Sword ice cube tray. Images posted by the Redditor showed their ice tray had already been filled with frozen water, shaped in the image of Cloud Strife’s signature weapon. The tray can hold three Ice Swords at once, so fans can easily add another to their drink if their first melts. According to the official Square Enix store, the tray is still available for purchase and costs $19.99.

Check Reddit for more images.

Replies on the Reddit thread expressed interest in the ice cream tub, especially since it features such a unique shape. Others have commented on Kagebi using a mixture of Final Fantasy 7 materia to freeze their water, while a few users gave the Redditor tips on how to freeze their water clearly. This is how the intricate details of the Buster Sword will shine through and the owner will be able to appreciate the ice cube tray more.

This isn’t the only ice cream tub that Square Enix has produced and released recently, the company has also made a tub to show off the different Final Fantasy 14 character class symbols. Hope the company produces more household items that go beyond the Final Fantasy 7 series, as there are many in the community who are fans of the other video games in the Final Fantasy universe.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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