8 Best Cheap Gaming Monitors in 2022

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get a great gaming monitor. While high-end monitors can be beneficial for competitive gaming and for showing off games at their best (provided you have a rig -capable form, of course), most PC gamers can probably do just fine with reasonably priced monitors. $300 or less. Regardless of your budget, you always want to pick a monitor that’s suitable for what you’re gaming on. We’ve rounded up the best cheap gaming monitors in 2022. We’ll keep adding more choices to this list as new monitors come out. Every year it seems like manufacturers push the bar even further in terms of quality for a decent price.

As mentioned, you should purchase monitors with your needs in mind. FPS and competitive gamers will want a monitor with a high refresh rate – at least 144Hz – to gain an edge over their competition. Those who are more interested in single-player gaming and want the best picture quality can opt for an ultra-wide monitor or even one with 4K resolution and HDR support to get the most vibrant picture.

A number of factors played a role in our choices, the most important being our experience with the respective companies and their monitors. We’ve also considered each monitor’s tech specs, user reviews, and availability, and where possible, we’ve also tried to stay under $300.

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