2022 NFL Draft: Ranking the top five quarterback prospects

The 2022 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and if a team needs a quarterback, Joel Klatt is there to help with decision-making.

On Monday, Klatt broke down the top five QB prospects this year and why he thinks they can find success at the next level.

NFL Draft: Joel Klatt’s top five QBs

NFL Draft: Joel Klatt's top five QBs

Joel Klatt shares who he thinks should be the top five quarterbacks selected in the 2022 NFL Draft, including Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis and Matt Corral.

Let’s get into Klatt’s list.

5. Desmond Cavalier, Cincinnati
2021 statistics: 3,334 passing yards, 30 passing touchdowns, eight interceptions

Klatt’s thoughts: “Desmond Ridder has had a remarkable career, we all know that. Gets Cincinnati out of the group of five in the playoffs, so we know he’s a great leader, we know he’s a really good player. He’s athletic , he ran the ball well. We don’t talk enough about his ability to drive the ball down the field.”

4. Sam Howell, North Carolina
2021 statistics: 3,056 passing yards, 24 passing touchdowns, nine interceptions

Klatt’s thoughts: “He came into the year as a guy who we think could have been the No. 1 pick in the draft. The season didn’t go the way Mack Brown and the Tar Heels had planned, nor wanted. , although Howell still has those traits. He’s strong, he’s got a really good arm, has a quick release. They had a heavy RPO system – run, pass, option system. And I think that ability to making decisions quickly will pay him dividends in the NFL.

3. Matt Coral, Ole Miss
2021 statistics: 3,349 passing yards, 20 passing touchdowns, five interceptions

Klatt’s thoughts: “When you watch Matt Corral play, what you see is a really athletic player with a strong arm. I loved what he was able to do for Lane Kiffin, and it’s the throws down the field that I think are the most impressive things that Corral I had my heart broken for him with the way his season ended, but you know he’s a competitor He’s a very strong leader, and that’s a guy who I think could be successful at the next level.

2. Malik Willis, Freedom
2021 statistics: 2,857 passing yards, 27 passing touchdowns, 12 interceptions

Klatt’s thoughts: “Malik is tall, strong arm, good head on his shoulders. His interview process went very well at the combine – many teams have said how impressed they are with Malik Willis. This guy going to be selected in the first round And when you look at the success that some of these great quarterbacks have had over the last two years who are athletic, they can move on the outside, they have big arms, they can throw with precision on the pitch – is Willis the next one of these guys in this vein?”

1. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh
2021 statistics: 4,319 passing yards, 42 passing touchdowns, seven interceptions

Klatt’s thoughts: “Pickett does a lot of things scouting with what he sees of a defense – not just the defensive backfield but also the defensive front. When you look at quarterbacks who’ve won the Super Bowl, really since the year 2000, what you’ll see that on average, these guys started somewhere around the 36 game mark, and that’s the case with Kenny Pickett.

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