2022 NFL Draft: A famous Steelers fan tries to convince the team owner to take this best QB in the first round

The Pittsburgh Steelers probably won’t let a celebrity decide who the team should select in the first round of the NFL Draft this year, but that hasn’t stopped Poison singer Bret Michaels from offering them some unsolicited advice. .

Not only does Michaels want to see the team sign a quarterback this year, but apparently he also has one in mind: Matt Corral.

The Ole Miss QB actually revealed this information himself during a recent interview on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“I’ve spoken to Bret throughout this process, he really wants me to land in Pittsburgh,” Corral (H/T Steelers Nation) said.

If you’re wondering why Michaels is pushing so hard for Corral, it’s partly because the Michaels family has a longtime friendship with Ole Miss QB. Corral has known the family since his junior year of high school.

“I have the greatest respect for the Michaels family,” Corral told Eisen. “What they did for me is something I can never give back to them. They were there for me in tough times and got me through and just showed me advice and were able to be there to me when I felt like no one was, and that’s something I can never repay them.”

Michaels is so determined to get Corral in Pittsburgh that he actually went to the top of the totem pole to try and make it happen. According to Corral, Michaels has already spoken to Steelers owner Art Rooney II.

“Bret is really pushing Mr. Rooney to choose me,” Corral said.

If you’re wondering how or why Bret Michaels was talking to Rooney, it’s because the Poison singer lived next door to a prominent member of the Steelers organization.

“He lived next door to one of the Steelers owners – I don’t know who it was – but he was his neighbor and they talked a lot and I know he brought up my name,” Corral said. .

Michaels seems to have a habit of bringing up the Corral name, as this certainly isn’t the first time it’s happened. Just before the 2020 NFL Draft, Michaels mentioned Corral on Twitter as a future name to watch.

So, will the Steelers end up taking Corral? It’s not completely out of the question.

Thanks to Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement, the Steelers are definitely on the hunt for a quarterback and while they’ve already signed Mitchell Trubisky this offseason, they could still end up drafting a QB. Not only have they closely watched every QB in the drafting process, but they should also have Corral for a visit in the near future, according to ESPN.com.

Let’s also not forget that Corral said earlier this year that being Roethlisberger’s QB heir in Pittsburgh would be a blessing.

One of our draft experts here at CBSSports.com actually has Corral going to the Steelers with the 20th overall pick. That draft expert was Pete Prisco, and as far as I know he wasn’t bribed by Bret Michaels to put Corral there. You can check out Prisco’s entire draft by clicking here.

We’ve also listed Corral as a favorite to land with the Steelers and you can check out our list of possible landing spots for the Ole Miss QB by clicking here.

If Corral ends up in Pittsburgh, Steelers fans have Michaels to thank (or be angry if Corral ends up being a bust).

Of course, if the Steelers do end up listening to Michaels, it wouldn’t even be the craziest draft the AFC North has seen in the last decade and that’s because that honor easily belongs to the Cleveland Browns, who have drafted Johnny Manziel in 2014. because a homeless man apparently convinced owner Jimmy Haslam it was the smartest thing to do.

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