10 albums we wish were available in Spatial Audio

If you want to know the most interesting Spatial Audio mixes currently available to blast through your headphones, Techradar’s Top 10 List is an unbeatable place to start. To show what makes Apple Music’s spatial audio interesting when it comes to music, rather than movies, these picks stand out.

It’s very beautiful. But as with every new music format, it’s most often the old and the big ones who get the first dibs. And we don’t think that’s fair – after all, Fleetwood Mac (to pick an example not entirely at random) has plenty of great songs and is deeply popular to this day – but it doesn’t automatically follow that the songs of Fleetwood Macs will either a) sound better in a Spatial Audio mix, or b) they’re the best songs to demonstrate exactly what Spatial Audio is capable of.

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